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Boca Burgers and Ezekiel Bread

When we make Boca Burgers, we use toasted Ezekiel Bread instead of regular hamburger buns. Ezekiel Bread is made by a company called Food For Life. The cool thing about Ezekiel Bread is that it is flour-less. It’s made from sprouted grains.

Food For Life makes Ezekiel Burger Buns but they are too thick and they cost quite a bit for what you get. Whole Foods sells Ezekiel Bread for $3.49 but Trader Joe’s has it for $2.99. I’ve even got my parents using Ezekiel Bread now for their Boca Burgers. The bread keeps best in the refrigerator.

Sam’s Club sells a 16-count package of Boca Burgers but the price varies from $8.32 to $9.27. However, they are a little bit larger than the Boca Burgers you can buy at the store. We will buy Boca Burgers at Meijer if they are on a sale and if I have a coupon. Sometimes you can pick up a 4-count package on sale for $1.58 after coupons.

ezekiel bread

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