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Cafe Manna – Brookfield, WI – Second Visit

We went to Café Manna in Brookfield, WI when we were visiting the Milwaukee area in July. Rob had a two-day autocross at Miller Park. We’ve been to Café Manna once before, back in November 2009. We both enjoyed it even though it is a bit on the expensive side. Since we were on a mini-vacation, we decided to splurge. I’m glad we did because I would have hated to miss out on one of the most delicious appetizers I’ve ever had:

Pepita Guacamole Potato Skins

Here is what the menu description says: “Crispy potato skins loaded with our creamy pepita guacamole and drizzled with ancho cashew sour cream. Topped with our house made pico de gallo. “

I absolutely loved this! It was amazing. I even licked my fork and knife clean. If we hadn’t been in a crowded restaurant, I probably would have licked the plate clean too.  I split this with Rob and he loved them just as much as I did.  This was probably the most expensive appetizer we’ve ever ordered. It was $11 but it was totally worth it. I’d go back here and just eat this.  I even ate the ancho cashew sour cream and normally I scrape vegan sour cream off anything I get.  It was THAT good.

Rob ordered the Thai Red Curry Orzo for his dinner. It was tofu, veggies, and orzo in a Thai red curry sauce.  He enjoyed it.

Thai Red Curry Orzo

I ordered the Black & White entrée which is black bean and quinoa cakes over veggies with a pineapple sauce.  This was really tasty and filling. I liked the contrast of the sweet sauce and the black bean/quinoa cakes.  Yummy!

Black Bean Quinoa Cakes

Since we were on a mini-vacation, I wanted to order dessert. Rob said he was full but “decided to split my dessert with me” after I ordered.  I believe this vegan cheesecake was also raw. It had a tasty nut crust. The cherry sauce was delightful. It was a delicious end to our evening.


I like Café Manna. It’s a great place if you are looking to splurge for a special occasion (a mini-vacation counts!). The staff was really attentive and friendly.  The food was awesome and we left completely stuffed in a good way.

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