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Chickpea Curry and Estate Sale Finds

This recipe is from Cooking With Peta. It’s a mixture of chickpeas, onions, and green pepper in a spicy tomato sauce. I remember when I first made this recipe years ago. I had just switched over to using Penzey’s Spices and I didn’t realize how much fresher and flavorful their spices were. I used the regular amount of cayenne pepper and oh my goodness, the chickpea curry was so hot, it made me cry literally! I love hot and spicy foods but it was even too intense for me. Now I know better and use less.

I served the chickpea curry with brown basmati rice.

chickpea curry

I owe the following estate sale find to my husband. He spotted a pile of cooking/sewing/craft booklets right next to the entrance of the workshop in the basement. There was a small sign that said “Booklets 10¢ Each”. Yipppeeee! I bought 28 for a whopping $2.80 total.

So many neat booklets. One of the booklets is called “Recipes for Instructions in Domestic Science” – Published by the Authority of the Board of Education – City of Detroit – 1937. I’m not sure which booklet I will go through first to start trying recipes.


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  • Amanda July 19, 2006, 11:04 pm

    Mmmm chickpea curry. 🙂 It looks really tasty. I know what you mean about the uber-hotness. One time I mistakenly put over 1/2 a tsp of cayenne into a dish that only served two… we couldn’t even eat it. The pain was horrendous.

  • Karen July 24, 2006, 12:28 pm

    Would you mind sharing the recipe with me? Please email me at wildyoga@hotmail.com

  • vegandiva July 24, 2006, 7:17 pm

    Hi Karen, I don’t have the recipe typed out. It can be found in the coookbook Cooking With Peta. Check your local library, they might have it.