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Estate Sale Finds

I had great luck at this sale. I found a coffee decanter, a retro blue vase, and 5 vintage cooking pamphlets for $5 total.

The decanter cleaned up nicely and I did re-glue the cork stopper to the lid (ignore the awful glare in the picture). The vase was dirty but otherwise in excellent condition. It took some elbow grease but it came out gorgeous. It's almost a perfect match to the retro blue color wall color in our bedroom.

The five cooking pamphlets I bought are:

  • 250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables (1940)
  • The Lunch Box Cookbook (1955)
  • Elegant Desserts (1955)
  • The Chocolate Cookbook (1955)
  • The Casserole Cookbook (1956)

decanter, vase, cooking pamphlets

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