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Garage Sale Find – 6 Cookbooks Cheap

This was a great garage sale. They had cookbooks just like they advertised and they were cheap. I got all six books for $1.35. It would have been $1.50 but we only had 35¢ in change. Rather than have us break a $5, she said $1.35 was close enough. Yeah!!!

The books I bought were:

  • Some Like It Hot – Climate, Culture, & Cuisine of South Texas
  • Let’s Cook….Sauces (1966)
  • A La Aspen – Recipes from Aspen’s great restaurants
  • 201 Muffins – Gregg R. Gillespie
  • Cookies – Cranbrook House & Garden Auxiliary
  • The Simpler Life Cookbook – Arrowhead Mills

I think I’ll find a lot of great recipes in these books. I’ve already spotted a few I want to try from The Simpler Life Cookbook, including a Rye Bread recipe.

six cookbooks

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