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Grilled Flat Bread, Thrifty Finds

I finally got around to trying the Grilled Flatbread recipe I saw on Martha Stewart’s show a few months ago.  It was super easy and so tasty. I grilled the bread on my griddle pan.  Here’s a picture before I rolled the sandwich, which I filled with food from Expressly Leslie in Algonquin, IL. One my favorite things there is the Moroccan Eggplant Salad.  This sandwich included tabouli, z’hug, baba ganoush, and Moroccan eggplant salad. YUM!!!! We had this for dinner and then took it for lunch the next day.

Grilled Flat Bread

I’ve had this pic on my camera for a few months. I picked up this Nordicware Gingerbread Pan at Target’s after Christmas sale for $8.50 (plus tax).  It’s just darling! Every Christmas, I make baked goods for friends and family and this will make things even more festive.

Loaf Pan

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