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Guess who finally updated her blog? Me!

Are you ready for pics from last summer? Sure you are. We went back to Michigan in August 2010  to celebrate my grandma’s 99th birthday which was at the end of July. She requested a lemon-poppy seed layer cake for her birthday cake so that’s what she got. I made the cake layers here and brought them with me. I made the frosting at my parents’ house. We got take-out from Country Restaurant in Dearborn  for dinner. Everyone had lots of yummy Middle Eastern food followed by cake for dessert.  We had a lovely time visiting with my grandma.

Grandma posing with her cake:

Everyone loved the cake including the birthday girl:

For Christmas 2009, I got a food dehydrator for a Christmas gift. It’s an Excalibur. I really like my food dehydrator but the company has HORRIBLE, just plain horrible customer service. I got the runaround when they kept delaying my shipment date.  It is probably one of the reasons I haven’t blogged about my food dehydrator until now. Over the summer, when sweetcorn was in season, I dehydrated some corn as a snack for Rob. It turned out great.  This summer, I’ll have to dehydrate more corn and try it out in a homemade soup mix.

Dehydrated corn:

Apparently I was taking to long to photograph the food:

And to change gears completely…no pun intended…last year I got a new car! It is a Subaru Outback and I just love it. The all wheel drive is great. It has a cloth interior (obviously!) but I have heated seats. I can’t believe the gas mileage I get with it. In the winter, I have been getting around 25.5 mpg. That’s the kind of mileage I got when I had my Ford Focus! We traded Rob’s car in towards the Subaru and Rob now drives the Focus. He likes the Focus because it is really easy to get all sorts of parts to upgrade the car for auto-crossing! You can check out Rob’s blog here: Car Blog Chicagoland.  Here’s a pick of my car when we were in Madison, WI last summer.

Hopefully it won’t take me another two months to post an update. Have a great day 🙂

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