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Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your kind comments and emails. We’re doing good (and yes, I’ve finally kicked that pesky sinus infection!) but we’ve been super duper busy. Last month, my parents and grandma came out for a visit. My grandma hasn’t been to Chicago since the 1930’s! Earlier this month, Rob and I celebrated our Anniversary-Birthday-Palooza. We also built a brand new computer that can easily handle all the Sims 2 expansion packs. I must admit, most of my limited time on my pc has been spent playing The Sims 2 🙂

We just got back from a short trip to that bastard state of Michigan (can you detect my bitterness towards that state? Yes, our place is STILL for sale there) . We spent Thanksgiving with my family and also celebrated my mom’s birthday. We had a lovely Middle Eastern feast on Thanksgiving and I got to eat all the foods I’ve missed. We also celebrated Christmas and I got to open all my presents from my family. Yay!

I have a tremendous backlog of pictures to post. Hopefully I can get them up ASAP! Take care!!!

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  • Midwest Vegan November 28, 2007, 10:52 pm

    I’m glad everything is going good with you and that you had a good holiday!

  • Aurora's Mom November 29, 2007, 11:46 am

    Hi Emmy: So glad you posted! I figured you must be incredibly busy. Glad you’re feeling back to normal. Can’t wait to see your pics.