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Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone! I want to say Happy Holidays to all my readers.  This December marks three years that Rob and I have lived in Chicagoland and three years of ranting about Michigan too! It’s been a busy three years. From moving out here, renting a townhome, three different jobs for me, two for Rob, Rob’s surgery, buying a home and moving again, etc… I can’t believe we crammed all that in three years. We also rented our place in Michigan.  (Much to my mother’s horror, I tell people I’m a slum lord now).  This Christmas, we have a chance to relax for once and we’re enjoying it. 

This is the first time since 2005 that we’ve properly decorated for Christmas. It’s been fun going through all our Christmas stuff. We have two trees now (both artificial as I’m allergic to fresh). One tree is for regular ornaments…family “heirlooms”, silly ones (giraffe wearing a tutu), and ones from places we’ve visited/lived. The other tree is for vintage/retro ornaments (this one is in our living room). Then there are all the figurines and knick-knacks to display. I wanted to share a pic of one of my favorites. They are vintage NOEL caroler candle holder figurines. I’m guessing they are from the 40’s? They belonged to my great-grandma and then to my grandma and then to my mom and now to me! How cool is that?  I remember them from my childhood. I have them in a place of honor on my bookcase in the family room so I see them every time I come into the room.

Pic 1

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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