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Homemade Hot Pockets & Pizza

I made a double batch of dough so I could make 6 hot pockets and 6 pizzas. One can of Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce is just enough for all of them. I stuff the hot pockets with Toffutti Mozzarella Cheeze, pizza sauce, and Lightlife Smart Deli "Pepperoni". The pic below is one cut in half on a regular sized vintage Pyrex dinner plate. 

I top the pizza with Tofutti Cheeze, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. We like lots of toppings. I make the pizzas in my 7" pizza pans which I bought at a Sassafras outlet store in Indiana. The pizzas are on a vintage Corningware Decor Dinnerware plate. I have a variety of plates and bowls in this particular pattern.

Due to the higher cost of vegan ingredients (cheeze, soy peppperoni, etc…), it works out to be about $2.25 per hot pocket or pizza. Pretty cheap and tasty!

We're visiting my parents tomorrow so I'm bringing down the extras to share with them and my grandma.

hot pocket


I like the Tofutti Cheeze for pizzas and hot pockets. It comes in slices so it is easy to use. We use the Tofutti American Cheeze on our Boca Burgers. Other than that, we don't use much soy cheeze.


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