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New Light for the Foyer

Happy 2010 everyone! After living in our house for just over a year, we’re getting ready to make some cosmetic changes.  This year’s major project will be the living/dining room (paint, window treatments, new flooring).  However, first up is changing out the hideous light in the foyer.  It looks like it came from the 80’s but our house is only eight years old. I guess I should say that not everyone thinks the original light is hideous. My parents liked it and said they might be able to use it. We’re putting it in a box for them to take back to Michigan the next time they come out to visit.  I considered a few options, but decided I couldn’t pass up the $25 Erbium light from Ikea. It was inexpensive and looks a heck of a lot better than the previous light.



Ah, much better:


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