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New Dining Room Light: Ikea Rutbo

The chandelier in the dining room was hideous. Just plain awful. An 80’s reject. Our house was built in 2002 and this was what the builder put in. We are the third owner and no one before us changed the light? As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s main project is working on the living/dining room. That chandelier had to go. Unfortunately, our dining room furniture is still at my parents’ house.  With no table underneath, this left plenty of chances to try and crack your head open on the horrible chandelier. I was sitting on the floor organizing my bookcase a few weeks ago and thought I was clear of it. Nope, I stood up and whacked my head so hard, it knocked all the “gold” trim pieces around the lights off. I was dizzy. I ended up with a bump on my head. I muttered numerous words of profanity.

Old Light

I got so mad that I decided to go to Ikea on a Saturday….afternoon. I like Ikea but on a weekend afternoon? Trying to navigate around the carts, the “I am just going to wander around aimlessly and slowly shoppers”, and of course the seemingly endless amount of children people bring to Ikea. It is my idea of hell but I persevered.

 I wanted something with a more updated look but with a paper shade so if I decide to go for round two, the worst I’ll do is rip my head right through the shade.  We settled on the Rutbo. It was $40 plus tax. Taking down the old light and putting up the Rutbo didn’t go as quickly as we had hoped. After some cursing, it was finally up. I don’t know why but dining room lights seem to bring out the worst in Rob and I. Overall, I like the Rutbo. It looks so much better than the old light and it was inexpensive.

New  Light

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  • simplelifediary January 25, 2010, 12:57 pm

    OMG I laughed so much at your HIDEOUS picture. Who would have thought: We want to make a light with fake candlesticks — AND frosty glass upside down things… GENIUS! 🙂

  • pinknest January 26, 2010, 4:24 pm

    Hahahaha, your labels of hideous and better make me laugh. Glad you persevered through Ikea on a weekend! Oh my.