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Matisse Exhibit – ARTIC, Spinach Walnut Pesto Pizza

I finally have a chance to start updating my blog again. Back in April over Easter weekend, Rob and I went to the Art Institute of Chicago to see the Matisse: Radical Invention 1913 – 1917 exhibit.  We are members and the first hour of each day is reserved for members only.  The exhibit was great and I really enjoyed it.  It runs through June 20th so there is still time to see it if you haven’t yet.  The exhibit had two of my favorite Matisse paintings: “The Moroccans” and “The Piano Lesson”.  I probably sound like such a cliché choosing those two. Oh well!

Exhibit Sign:

Modern Wing – Outside:

Modern Wing – Inside:

Modern Wing – Another Inside View:

I really like the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to famous paintings  like  “American Gothic”  (Grant Wood) and “Nighthawks” (Edward Hopper), they have a nice selection of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures, drawings, and paintings.  There is still a ton of stuff we haven’t seen yet and I can’t wait to go back again soon.  

Giacometti’s “Three Men Walking” (as opposed to those people on the Segways on the sidewalk):

Now it is time for some food! I had a taste for Pesto the other day and decided to try the Spinach Walnut Pesto from Your Vegan Mom’s blog.  Oh my goodness. This pesto is easy to make and yummy! It is definitely a make-again recipe. Rob loved it too. For the pizza, I spread a layer of pesto and topped it with Daiya cheeze, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and tomato slices. The pizza was fantastic and Rob said this is now his favorite pizza I make. I made a double batch of dough so I could make two pizzas. We have leftovers for a few lunches. 

Ready to go into the oven:

Time to eat:

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  • Abby June 6, 2010, 8:33 pm

    I’m admiring your pizza and wondering what recipe you use for your dough?

  • vegandiva June 7, 2010, 8:23 am

    Hi Abby,

    Here’s a link to the dough recipe I use. It is from a post I did way back in 2006:


  • Ruthie June 7, 2010, 9:47 am

    That daiya cheese is scrumptious 🙂 I am doing good! You?

  • vegandiva June 8, 2010, 8:55 am

    Hey Ruthie, Doing good. Oh yeah, we love the Daiya cheeze. My parents came out for a visit last month and thought it was the best vegan cheeze they have had so far.

  • bonnie.b.orourke@gmail.com June 9, 2010, 2:38 am

    I agree with the others. You have a very tasty pizza there. Gosh, looking at the picture makes me hungry already.

  • Noelle June 24, 2010, 11:35 am

    Looks super delicious!!