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Review of The Amazing Kale Burger Vegan Restaurant in Evanston, IL

The Amazing Kale Burger in Evanston, IL is one of my favorite places. We first stopped by back in November, and when we walked in, they were listening to a live version of “Tonight Tonight” by the Smashing Pumpkins. I took it as a sign of good things to come and I was right.

The star of the menu (and the main menu item for weekday lunch and dinner) is the kale burger. I’m very picky about vegan burgers and I LOVE the kale burger. It’s super tasty and you can either choose from the menu with pre-selected toppings or mix-and-match to make your own combination. They also offer a rotating menu of side dishes, including freshly roasted vegetables and slaw.

My lunch:

Amazing Kale Burger


Rob’s lunch:

Amazing Kale Burger

The weekend brunch menu offers a few more selections, each including the kale burger in a unique way. Here are the ones we’ve tried:

The Strongman – tofu and vegetable scramble with herb roasted potatoes and kale burger with a side of salsa. YUM!

The Strongman

The Bearded Lady – homemade biscuits with vegetable and tofu scramble covered in mushroom herb gravy. ROB’S FAVORITE!

The Bearded Lady

The Fire Eater – tofu and vegetable scramble, black beans, and kale burger stacked between corn tostadas and covered in roasted tomatillo salsa. FANTASTIC!

The Fire Eater


From the “Secret Menu” – The Saucy Sisters -which is a combination of the The Bearded Lady (which comes with mushroom herb gravy) and The Fortune Teller (which comes with cashew hollandaise sauce). ROB’S SECOND FAVORITE!

The Saucy Sisters


Don’t forget about dessert. The owner, Brandon, is all about clean eats. He’s been using coconut oil instead of other vegan based butters which include palm oil. If you’re too full, get the cake to go, you won’t be disappointed. Brandon knows what he’s doing since he used to work in the bakery department for Chicago Diner. This was the raspberry cake with chocolate frosting we had when we went there for our anniversary. The flowers on top were almost too pretty to eat. Almost…


I think this was just a straight up vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. It was anything but plain. It was yummy:

More Cake


The Amazing Kale Burger isn’t a particularly fancy place but its interesting, vibrant, and very homey. It is also extremely clean which is great for a germaphobe like me. The staff is super nice and they have great senses of humor too. If you sit at the bar, you can see some of the goings on in the kitchen which is fun too. If you go in the winter, they have coat hooks on the wall when you walk in (they will be on your right). We didn’t notice them until they pointed it out.







Inside Front

I spy Alison waving to us from the kitchen:



They also have an any/all/no gender outhouse – it’s really a bathroom, don’t worry:


We’ve only gone for lunch or weekend brunch and found the parking situation to be very easy. There is metered street parking so bring quarters or you can use your credit card at the meter (unlike Chicago where you have to pay at the box).  If your headed Eastbound on Howard towards it, you can turn left on Ridge and then make a right on one of the side streets to go around the block so you can park on the same side of the street as Amazing Kale Burger. The side streets south of it are one-ways in the opposite direction which we found out the hard way.


If I lived closer, I would eat here more often. Luckily, you can just pack a cooler with some ice and get frozen kale burgers to take home with you. A two-pack of burgers is $7. We like them for dinner after a busy day at work, although our toppings are a bit more pedestrian. I’ve moved the kale burger to the top of my list ahead of my previous favorite vegan burger – the tofu walnut burger from Nature’s Coop in Madison, WI.

In short, it’s a limited menu but with a burger so delicious, who cares? Oh, and get dessert. Always get dessert.

The Amazing Kale Burger is located at 741 Howard St., Evanston, IL 60202.

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